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Jenny TuffnellI was born and raised in El Cerrito.  My dad was a Greyhound brake mechanic.  In those days, his paycheck paid the mortgage on a modest home and also provided health care and a basic education for three kids.  No more – the vast majority of my clients are just as hardworking as my dad but their paychecks have been cut or worse – they have been laid off altogether.  They are struggling in a different world from the one I grew up in.  I feel the best when I can provide that feeling of relief for someone by letting them know that they can set the debt burden down and walk away.  Often, it’s just getting rid of the credit card debt but several times, through a chapter 13, our office has been able to keep a family in their home.  This is always a wonderful result.

I couldn’t do it without my paralegal – Scott. He is great with the clients and makes them feel comfortable and listened to. If for any reason I am not available, you can always email or call Scott with a question or concern.

I see people Monday through Saturday for free ½ hour consultations and I will also discuss matters to some degree over the phone.  Give us a call for a free consultation.  All you have to lose is stress and worry.

- Jenny Tuffnell

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